Reference Designs

To help you evaluate Power Stamp Alliance member products, we have developed reference design boards designed to accept any PSA power stamp. Please contact a PSA member for more information.

Reference design boards can help to accelerate project development for new server designs and other equipment in a 48 V source environment.


Intel® VR13 (Intel® code named Skylake) Reference Design Board

For Intel® VR13 (Intel® code named Skylake) processors


ASIC Reference Design Board

For high-current ASIC and/or FPGA chipsets supporting the SVID or AVS protocols, features connections with e-loads and provides sockets to host load modules to test dynamic transient response and enable developers to simulate realistic loading conditions.


Intel® VR13-HC (Intel® code named Ice Lake) Reference Design Board

For Intel® VR13-HC (Intel® code named Ice Lake) processors


Future Reference Design Boards in Development

The Power Stamp Alliance has a roadmap for future reference design boards for processor architectures used in high performance computing.